Giving back at Christmas                                   
A big part of SBG life is giving back. In addition to our Charity of the year, SBG have been supporting two incredible charities, over the 2019 festive period. 

Homeless Street Angels

The number of rough sleepers has risen dramatically in the last 9 years. Homeless Street Angels are an award winning charity providing outreach on the Streets of Headingley and Leeds City Centre every week, including hot and cold food, toiletries and clean clothes. They believe that homeless and marginalised individuals are capable of change and will only achieve their full potential when offered a safe, supportive, empowering and non-judgemental environment.

We have been overwhelmed by your support as last week we donated over 50 bags of clothing to the charity on behalf of SBG! A huge thank you to everyone who has donated. 

This will provide clean, dry clothes to many of the homeless people in Leeds over this cold and wet Christmas period.

There is still time to donate if you haven't had chance! Please drop any donations off at the Roulette Wheel or Wellington Place 6 Reception by next Wednesday 18th January.

Mission Christmas

One in four children are living in poverty this December in the UK. You might be surprised to know that the definition of child poverty is living in a house with no central heating and going to bed at night without a hot meal.

Many of these children across the country will also go without even one small gift this Christmas. Closer to home, in 2018 in West Yorkshire, 27,215 gifts were distributed to disadvantaged children. Mission Christmas work closely with social workers, head teachers and the emergency services to nominate families in crisis to be supported by the appeal.

SBG are proud to be supporting Mission Christmas again in 2019 and we are asking all staff to donate boxes of toys.

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