Engineering Manager

I am given a lot of autonomy and trust on how I approach a problem and I am trusted to use my judgement to try new ways of doing things. If I fail, it's ok - I'm given the support to try again and we take the learnings from our failures onwards. Not only do I learn, but everyone around me learns from that negative result. This aligns very much with my own values of wanting to learn and fail fast, so we can improve.

The culture and our people is what I enjoy the most about Sky Betting & Gaming. The collaborative nature of our environment and work gives me a strong sense of belonging. We include everybody, regardless of their background, and their opinions, give space for thought and creative discussion that helps level everyone up.

When I was a software engineer I was tackling challenges head on, solving problems with my team and building technical solutions. Since being a manager, I still enjoy seeing amazing tech delivered, but it's watching and supporting my engineers go from strength to strength in their own journey, so similar to my own, that is my highlight. Whenever I help someone in my team grow as a technologist and as a person that enables them to take the next step, whether it's a shiny new tech tool, a new squad or a promotion - I find that so worthwhile and so much more satisfying than any technical solution I ever delivered.

I want to continue to be impactful in Sky Betting and Gaming and I feel my company has recognised that in me. Right now, I'm focused on being the best Engineering Manager that I can be. I want to go wherever my skills are needed to make a difference to the technological approach, engineering culture and levelling up our people. With each new experience I continue to grow, supported by the people around me. So, I don't have specific career goals per se (never have!), but I know when the time is right when the ideal opportunity comes along for me to grow into and I will be able to do this confidently, knowing I have great people who have my back.

Sky Betting & Gaming is the best place and the most ethical place I have ever worked in during my entire career and my team are extremely passionate about technology and our people.

We're never afraid of trying new technology, so that keeps my knowledge of tech sharp and we get to play with tools/approaches that most companies are years away from considering. Most importantly the people I get to support and learn from. Good human beings who keep me levelling up.

I have a strong sense of belonging here.


‘As a creative person, having creativity at the heart of the business gives me the freedom to try new things and challenge existing thinking without any boundaries.’
Jonothan Lloyd - Head of Brand & Creative
‘Collaboration is key to what we do as a team and it is promoted and encouraged throughout the Gaming tribe'

Tim Keiff 
- Head of Design & UX

'‘I have the freedom in my role to do the right thing for both our employees and wider society.’

​​​​​​​Holly Straker 
- Engagement & Inlusion Lead