Head of Brand & Creative

My job is all about helping my team to create and protect our brands and give them a unique voice. In that, I'm inspired to constantly be looking for new and innovative ways to communicate to our customers the value of playing with an SBG brand, and finding new ways to help us stand out in a crowded marketplace. As a creative person, having creativity at the heart of the business gives me the freedom to try new things and challenge existing thinking without any boundaries

Without doubt, the best thing about my job is working alongside talented, dedicated and supportive people who share a passion for doing great work. Sky Betting & Gaming's culture is what sets it apart and has helped create an environment in which we share our successes together and support each other through challenges. Having the ability to help shape the future of our market-leading brands - how they look and what they stand for - is also a privilege, as is the autonomy and empowerment that I feel every day.

One of my biggest career highlights is contributing to the success of Sky Vegas and establishing it as the UK's most popular online casino brand in an extremely competitive marketplace has been a particular career highlight. But the best and proudest moments are when I see the passion in my team and the fulfilment they get from their jobs, whether they're working on the latest campaign for safer gambling, or supporting other teams within the business to reach their goals. We've become leaders in our field because of this collective mentality and the respect we all have for each other's expertise.

My career goals all focus on becoming better, and taking those skills into other parts of my life. Whether that's becoming a better leader, a better listener or a doing better work. I believe career objectives can be achieved if you accept that there's always something to learn and never believe that you're the finished article. At Sky Betting & Gaming, I'm lucky to have an employer that puts huge emphasis on personal growth, and has betterment as a cornerstone of their values. That's allowed me to improve my leadership skills through university-approved courses, helped me learn new skills from colleagues and given me exposure to other parts of the business, providing me with a more rounded view of what success looks like in areas I wouldn't normally have encountered. SBG has supercharged my career and has opened up so many more avenues for me to explore in future.

This the most people-orientated business I have ever worked in. As a tech company, Sky Betting & Gaming understands that its people are its most valuable asset, and it works hard to ensure they get this sense every day of their working lives. The flexibility and confidence it gives to its people is repaid by a culture where everybody has the opportunity to shape its future. Leadership is approachable and open to challenge and suggestions, and there are no boundaries for talented and ambitious people. Having fun and enjoying what you do while doing your job is just as important as hitting targets or deadlines, and its this culture that makes SBG such a great place to be.

My team are fundamentally just great people to be around. They make work fun and rewarding, and their passion for doing the best job they can is infectious. They take great pride in their work and always want to improve on where they've been before. The biggest challenge with being market leaders is what it takes to stay in that position. My team know this all too well and are always up for the challenge!

Free to be me - We believe that at Sky Betting & Gaming, you're given the freedom and flexibility to be your very best self, and to do things the way you think they should be done.

Sky Betting & Gaming's values are so closely aligned to my own. I felt as though it was the right environment to be in at this stage in my career and that I was going to be able to work on some huge brands and use my experience to  shape my own future and that of our brands. Sky Betting & Gaming's focus on people was clear to see and knowing how much emphasis was placed on creating an environment where people felt in control of their own work and empowered to be the best version of themselves was enough to convince me that it was the right place to be.

The vast majority of creative output for our Gaming brands is done by our in-house team, and I feel as though that's unique for brands of our scale. It's incredible to be able to lead a team that creates award-winning campaigns and shapes some of the biggest brands in our sector, without the need for constant agency support. We're respected by the business and trusted to deliver great work, and that sense of freedom is so rare in the area in which I operate.


'I am given a lot of autonomy and trust on how I approach a problem…. This value aligns very much with my own - wanting to learn and fail fast, so we can improve.'
Tanja  - Engineering Manager
‘Collaboration is key to what we do as a team and it is promoted and encouraged throughout the Gaming tribe'

Tim Keiff 
- Head of Design & UX

'‘I have the freedom in my role to do the right thing for both our employees and wider society.’

​​​​​​​Holly Straker 
- Engagement & Inlusion Lead