Engagement & Inclusion Lead

I have the freedom in my role to do the right thing for both our employees and wider society and I'm not sure there's many jobs out there that genuinely give you that opportunity. This summer I got the privilege of hosting our Let's Talk About Race panel to address and raise awareness of the issues of the Black Lives Matter Movement within our organisation. Over 700 employees tuned in from around the entire Flutter group and our panel was compiled of experts and two of our most senior leaders. The imposter syndrome was real but the opportunity meant a lot to me both personally and professionally.

I was recently on a webinar and the opening line was "Inclusion professionals should be agents of change, creating in your company what the world should be." And that's exactly it, I get to be a small part of influencing societal change.

Sky Betting & Gaming gives you the autonomy to work on something you're knowledgeable and passionate about and pushes you right our of your comfort zone to do it, having more impact than you could have imagined!

My team inspire me every day in the ways that we are all so different but love to learn together, challenge each other and have so much fun. We bring out the best in each other and consequently deliver amazing work.

Join Sky Betting & Gaming and you'll enjoy the freedom, good vibes and opportunity to be your best and do amazing work.


At Sky Betting & Gaming, we begin with better. What we do with it, and where we take it, is up to us.

We want to thrill, excite and entertain our customers, every time they play with us. That demands better tech, better products and better offers.

And what powers better? Our people.

Each day we embrace three values that mean we always think and act for the customers.
'I am given a lot of autonomy and trust on how I approach a problem…. This value aligns very much with my own - wanting to learn and fail fast, so we can improve.'
Tanja  - Engineering Manager
‘As a creative person, having creativity at the heart of the business gives me the freedom to try new things and challenge existing thinking without any boundaries.’
Jonothan Lloyd - Head of Brand & Creative
‘Collaboration is key to what we do as a team and it is promoted and encouraged throughout the Gaming tribe'

Tim Keiff 
- Head of Design & UX