Our mission is to build and promote a culture where difference is valued & everyone can be the best version of themselves.

We want to call ourselves truly inclusive. So we’re working to overcome the obstacles and challenges that exist within our organisation and wider society. By picking apart these structures and processes and disrupting our biases we’ll be well on our way to building the solid foundations for an inclusive SBG.
The pledge is Sky Betting and Gaming’s first big commitment to Inclusion. It devolves accountability for Inclusion
to us all and gives everyone at SBG the power to speak up. We know the pledge is just a promise.
It’s what we all do to keep it that matters.

The pledge has 3 core elements:
The Leadership Pledge- our most senior leaders’ promise to create an inclusive SBG
The People Pledge- what’s expected of every single one of us as part of the SBG team
How to call it out- how to speak up when something isn’t right


Our signals of change are our measures of success, and we’re collecting the information we need in three ways: 

  1. Regular Pulse Surveys 
  2. Focus Groups 
  3. Annual audit 

These six key areas will tell us whether we are heading in the right direction: 

Our leaders are giving fair access to the opportunities Sky Betting & Gaming has to offer.
Our Leadership Team are showing clear examples of how they are challenging their own behaviours and approach to work
All of us are seeing leaders taking significant steps towards creating a more inclusive Sky Betting & Gaming in every part of the employee lifecycle.
Leaders are demonstrating they are curious to learn about different perspectives and experiences.
People are truly living the 'Free To Be Me' value and can see their peers and line managers doing the same.
Our Sky Betting & Gaming team are collaborating and integrating with the wider Flutter group.
It's important that we all take the time out to educate ourselves and see the world from another perspective. Hosted by the Inclusion Team, Sitting (Un)comfortably is our new podcast discussing all the things we should understand but we might be too scared to ask.
Our 'Let's talk about' panel brings together external experts, leadership team members and colleagues to give our whole organisation the opportunity to start uncomfortable conversations on societal workplace inclusion topics. The panel is an open and honest discussion for everyone to listen, learn and ask questions. 

The gender pay gap is a long standing and complex issue. We have a responsibility to make a change, breaking stereotypes
and disrupting biases to create a fairer workplace for everyone. 
We’re tackling some of the core issues, outlined in the report and also working to devolve accountability
to our leaders making inclusion everyone’s responsibility.   

In addition to this annual report, all of our Directors are equipped with their local gender pay gap data and diversity
demographic data to help drive better conversations and tangible actions. 


​​​​​​​We are a signatory of the Tech Talent Charter (TTC), a non-profit organisation leading a movement to address inequality in the UK tech sector and drive inclusion and diversity in a practical and uniquely measurable way.  

We’re in! We participate in the All-Index Survey to measure and monitor how we are progressing both as a business and as an industry.  

The All-In Diversity Project is a not for profit organisation creating the tools for the global betting and gaming industry to progress in terms of Diversity, Inclusion and Workplace Equality.