Behind The Scenes: Bet Christmas Campaign The Season Of Giving
What went into planning, building and executing a campaign that celebrates a huge period of festive sport?

2019 once again saw our teams from across the business collaborate to bring together a Christmas campaign celebrating all things sport, with Sky Bet’s season of giving.  We caught up with a variety of teams to discuss ‘sportsmas’, the work that went into our festive offering and why we think it stood out for our customers. 


Which teams were involved in the campaign, and what were their overarching roles and responsibilities?

Such a huge campaign requires input and delivery from a wide array of SBG teams, including marketing, planning, trading, customer experience, CRM, brand, social and more.

How did you all work together?

A ‘Team Sky Bet’ working group was established for this campaign – with weekly meetings held with reps from various departments, along with media and design agencies.
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