Assessment Centre Tips By Josh Sellars
  • Research is key - It is important to have a good understanding of the business and what it is currently going through. Have a look into social media platforms, Glassdoor, Youtube channels and the company website to get a full insight. Sky Betting and Gaming is very active on social media so take a look at our LinkedIn and Twitter to see what we've been up to over the festive season.

  • Prepare at least five questions to ask - Not only does this show interest in the business, but asking solid appropriate questions gives you the ability to get a real feel for the business and can show that you are thinking from different angles to other candidates. Think of at least five as interviewers might cover a few before you are able to ask!

  • Feedback is your friend - Revisit past interview and assessment day feedback to improve on weaker areas. (Always ask for feedback following interviews!)

  • Work as a team - The assessment day task is not about leading the group, it’s about working as a team to get the best outcome possible. Work to each other’s strengths and make sure everyone gets involved.
  • Plan your journey - We all know how temperamental trains and travel can be in rush hour. Plan your journey with time to spare and make sure that you know the route you’ll be taking ahead of time to avoid unnecessary stress.
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